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Customer Service Policy

Love & Light Energy Healing is an online service provider whos sole purpose is to provide energetic healing services and information for the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical development of all its patrons. 

Service Information

All services are completed remotely and there is not a requirement for customers to be on site.

  All three services offered are categorized as energetic healing aimed at aligning and transmuting one's energy to remove disharmony, dis-ease and allow for immediate balance and healing. 

All payment for services are completed online and are not required until after services are completed and customer is satisfied.  

Note:  Love & Light Healing services is an natural healing alternative, and this service does not diagnose any medical problems, or give medical advice.  

Privacy Policy

We promise to only use personal, private and financial information for the sole purpose of fulfilling our business service objective of healing.  


Healing consultations will be done over zoom or by phone (whichever is preferred), and no disclosure of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing information as stated above will ever be stored online.

We also promise, based on our agreement with  to ensure that security of financial information is only used for transaction purposes, and not at risk in any way.   


The financial online system we use is provided through and is PCI Standard compliant.  

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