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Below are Youtube videos from the channel the "Truth will Set you Free". These are spiritual messages about our past, and how we can navigate the important events happening in the present and near future.  I watch these videos frequently as I find this information so invaluable. 

You will not get this truth from any mainstream source anywhere!


I encourage everyone to watch these and other videos from the same channel. Contact me if you have any questions related to these videos, and I can provide further explanation. Enjoy! 

A brief video summarizing the origin of humanity and the history of Earth. This video explores how humans came to Earth from the 5th higher dimension (Lyra) after wars broke out.  Early humans were altered by a Royal dynasty (Annunaki) but were helped by the Galactic Federation to help awaken in this important moment of time. 

This video explains how we been misled since prehistory. This all started with ancestors from ancient races of Lemuria, and Atlantis, both highly developed civilizations.  These were the offspring of the Gods that seeded with humans, the Nephilim, from Genesis in the Bible. These lineages eventually became the leaders of the world and elite families who have hidden our true power from us so they can steal our children, our souls & our energy.  

The truth about Manifesting and the problems that you may be experiencing as to why it hasn't worked for you.  The most important aspect is to really experience your thoughts of abundance as if it is here, clarify your Intent, write your affirmations, be greatful, and most importantly be positive!  The Universe will always mirror back you are vibrating, so vibrate faith and joy for this sacred process.

This video explores humanity and how we are multidimensional with 12 DNA strands, and how we will only experience this if we Ascend.  Also explores our Souls and how we have lived many lives, with many experiences.  We are like Gods, and must be aware of this truth if we are going to Ascend. 

Messages from the Lyran race regarding the 3 Days of Darkness.  These days will occur as Earth will be rotated back to its original rotation in the coming days.  All must become aware of these days, so that you can prepare through practice of meditation,  unconditional love, and inner peace.

A very special video about man who is what in known as a "walk - in" to help humanity raise its consciousness and to hold the light as that people will ascend.  Their is a veil of secrecy that has hidden humanity from the truth, however, in each of her hypnotherapy sessions, they all say the same thing - there will be an Event, there will be people that get to go, there will be some who will choose to stay behind. Those who go will be granted everlasting life. Those who stay behind will continue life in their vibration. 

A former Atheist (Mellen Thomas Benedict) dies at 26 from brain cancer, returns to Earth with messages of truth about our existence from the Creator him/her self.  This one in particular is regarding New Earth and how humans are shifting from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness.  

Messages from the Arcturians are often channeled as this is a group helped our early positive evolution and they wish to help us wake up.  The message here is to realize that the material world is an illusion, and we are divine beings who can help by waking up to many new truths - most importantly that we are one with all life, and Source.

This video explains how we can attain Self mastery so we can Ascend to higher realms. Our energy from thoughts, actions, deeds, beliefs, etc. all have vibratory effect that can either keep us in the lower dimensions or help in raising our frequency.  Practice, and other tips are provided. 

A powerful message regarding the Council of 12 and how the current power structure is changing from patriarchal governance to individual sovereignty with the Ascension of humanity. Also explores our past and how the negative forces kept us the dark for so long. 

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