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Chakras for the New World

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Through meditation, practices with visualization and channeling, I became familiar with the chakra energies centres which exist in us and around our body. These are portals to our own physical, spiritual, mental and emotional dimensions, as well as to other higher dimensions that exist throughout the universe.

These new #higherchakras deal with the higher management of the human body, our connection to universe and connection to the higher realms.

The reason we do not feel this powerful energy in everyday life is because they are blocked, and we do not pay attention to them. We need to, first become aware they exist, then practice meditation and focus on these in order to unblock the portals, and gain their energies to help us on our spiritual journey.

Before we begin, I have included a description of each in the image below so you can visualize where these are located, and know why they are important to us (please note: their are far more portals - 144,000 to be exact, which we can access. However for another blog. Also the Galaxy Central Sun Portal is not shown in this picture).

Also Note: I have only mentioned what I deem to be the most important aspects of each chakra. There are more energies that each chakra entails with that I have not mentioned.

Below are a brief description of the 3rd dimension Chakras or 7 main energy centres:

7 Main Chakra Energies

The seven main Chakras include Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

The Root Chakra- This red ray of energy deals with vitality, sexuality, survival, and connection to the Mother Earth. This energy connects us directly to the centre of Mother Earth. When we focus on our root chakra, we can ground ourselves to Mother Earth and achieve a sense of love, peace and happiness only Mother Earth can provide.

The Sacral Chakra - This orange ray of energy deals with emotions, and one's emotional identity. When it is blocked, it can cause someone to be very emotionally out of control (crying, anger). When we practice focus and awareness of this area, we can unblock this so that our positive emotions flow freely. We can also practice management of our emotions in daily life by accepting the situation and the attached emotions, then let them go. This can change our whole outlook on life and is a major step in our #ascension process. (for more information on ascension, see my manual called "On the Path to Ascension" )on the Ascension page.

The Solar Plexus Chakra - The solar plexus yellow ray of energy governs our true self and our ego self. When this is unbalanced or blocked, it means that both Root and Sacral are also blocked as these lower three chakras are related.

Note: The lower three chakras (Root, Sacral & Plexus) govern more negative energies, whereas the other four top chakras (Heart, Throat Third Eye, and Crown) will govern more positive energies.

The Heart Chakra - This green ray governs love and compassion energies. When blocked one will not be able to express as much love and compassion as they should. It is also directly linked to all humanity so everyone can feel love, acceptance and generosity towards his/her fellow man, regardless of race, creed or culture . However, the heart chakra has become so blocked that people only see differences rather than the good. It is strongly recommended everyone make a point of meditating and focusing on opening up the blockage so that this love energy flows freely once again.

The Throat Chakra - This blue ray deals with truth, and one's ability to speak his/her mind or voice concerns over injustices in their realities. Note: This one is important because often times, negative entities or energies will use this chakra to communicate negative words which go right to the mind, causing us to engage in the negative activities without even thinking about it. When this is out of balance energy will not be able to move up, keeping us in lower consciousness.

The Third Eye Chakra - This indigo ray deals with #spirituality, awakening of consciousness. It is also the doorway into other dimensions, particularly the 4th and 5th dimensions. When unblocked one will feel peace of mind, and this will help with reaching a higher state of awareness.

The Crown Chakra - This bright yellow crystalline ray is the connection to the father creator. All energy lower centres need to be balanced before this violet ray is activated. If you can activate this through focus, awareness and meditation, you feel an inner sense of calm and love while fostering a connection to your higher dimensions.

The Crown Chakra is a doorway to the 9 higher chakras below, and must be unblocked to access these.

Below is a brief description of the 9 higher Chakras:

9 Higher Chakras Energies

The Innate Chakra - This brown ray of energy is located at the tip of our head (however, it feels as if its the middle of the head, level to our nose when you focus on it).

This Chakra connects us to our present physical state as well as our mental physical energies such as awareness, focus, attention, intent and will. It links our consciousness to our physical body. This is the most important chakra, as it houses one of our most strongest energies which is intent.

The Galaxy Central Sun Chakra (not shown in picture) - This reddish purple ray houses our energy portal to the Galaxy's Central Sun and is located just above our nose next to the Innate Chakra. This activates more higher DNA codes that connect us to the higher energies of galaxies, and the higher universe energy.

The Star Chakra - This silver ray is the connected to a particular star in our Galaxy - our star. We are all directly connected to the universe through our own personal star. All beings have 1 or more stars, depending on how much energy they have (although most people on Earth only have 1 for now). Each star contains our specific souls information for each and every incarnation of that we ever lived.

The Sun Chakra - This bright white ray is the Sun Chakra and is located above our Star Chakra. It is connected to the Sun itself, and governs the life source energy which is needed to power all physical, mental and spiritual energies within the human body. When activated this will allow the Sun energies, such as #DNAactivation codes to flow within us.

The Moon Chakra - This grey blue ray of energy is located above the Sun Chakra. It is directly connected to the Moon itself and governs cyclical energies within the body, and on Earth. When this is blocked it makes its harder to find an overall balance in the body, and balance with our natural environment.

The Infinite Chakra - This clear ray of energy is located above the Moon Chakra. It is our connection to the Mother of all Creation (Mother Dimension) where all things exist, and where realities are created from. This is the cradle dimension, where all life, dimensions and universes are born from. It is also a source of infinite energy, which we can all tap into when we learn to focus our intent while using this energy. This chakra is never blocked, as the there is not amount of negative energy that could block her energy. This dimension is also knows as the "Void" or zero point energy.

The Fourth Dimension Chakra - This light blue chakra is the first gateway to the higher dimensions, and holds much of our 3rd dimension subtle energies, such as our #Astralbody. The fourth dimension is also where all of our thoughts, dreams and imaginations exist. It also the dimension where our infinite timelines are created and held. We can use this portal to access these timelines to change them.

The Fifth Dimension Chakra - This bright blue crystalline ray is a higher dimensional chakra where our larger souls higher purpose and soul's mission exists. It also has higher emotions and feelings that are different then the emotions and feelings we feel in our 3rd dimension body. When we connect to this chakra through meditation and focus, we will not only feel lighter, and more at peace, we feel a stronger sense our soul's purposes and mission.

The Sixth Dimension Chakra - The a crystalline purple ray is where all 3rd dimensional energies cease to exist, and a new version of you can be experienced - through meditation and focus of course. It also holds information regarding our Karma (good energy we put out) and Dharma (negative energy we put out). This energy stays with our soul throughout all lifetimes and effects the energy we receive in this lifetime. We must always be cognizant of this fact as what we put out , whether positive or negative, comes back to us threefold.

The Seventh Dimension Chakra - This deep crystalline purple ray is the portal where we pass though to be reincarnated into another life on Earth, or on other planets. The #reincarnation process is needed if we haven't fulfilled our soul's purpose or if there is karmic or dharma energy still on our records that needs to be fully realized in this lifetime before we can move on to ascend.

The Eighth Dimension Chakra - This crystalline grey ray is where higher physical energy is stored, also higher DNA is stored in this chakra. This a strong physical healing dimension, and can be used to bring down healing energy for the human body. I use this dimension for physical healing as well.

The Ninth Dimension Chakra - This navy blue crystalline ray is our connection to the 3rd dimension cosmos, and its cosmic forces. For example, cosmic rays, dark matter is something we are connected to as well. When connected to this chakra (through meditation and focus), you feel as if you floating in the universe, feeling the strong array of universal forces that lie within.

The Tenth Dimension Chakra - The tenth dimension chakra is a yellowish white & crystalline ray similar to our Sacral chakra, as it holds some of our higher emotions as opposed to our 3rd dimension emotions. Our higher dimension emotions are more stronger, yet feel lighter as they should. When this portal is opened you will experience a flood of lighter energy near your Sacral that take over your entire body, like a wave of peace.

The Eleventh Dimension Chakra - This greenish blue crystalline ray is a energy portal that connects humans to Central Sun of our Universe. Within this Central Sun, other higher beings, planets, suns, moons, the solar systems and galaxies within our universe are all created. All large bodies in the universe are spiritual beings and this chakra allows their emotional and spiritual energy to flow within us. When #connected you feel very part of a greater whole, feeling higher love and peace.

The Twelfth Dimension Chakra - The last, but most definitely, the not the least, is the largest and brightest chakra of them all - the Unity Consciousness chakra. This chakra where we are directly connected to #UnityConsciousness, the "Oneness", the "All". This chakra holds the the portal where all ascended souls will go thorough to enter the dimension to graduate into the next 12 dimensions and a new higher universe.

When connect you feel as if you are standing on top of you head, weightless, and in a calm peaceful room where nothing and everything exists. Please note: You may connect to this portal, however, you will not experience her full potential (full energy) until you Ascend.


In conclusion, one must be aware of each chakra and the purpose of these respective dimensions in order to help familiarize yourself with each energy.

The benefits are too many to list, but if one was to practice focus and meditation on these chakras today, the higher truths will become more apparent in everyday life. Not only will you feel more fulfilled, you will start to see different perspectives on life, people, places and see more truth the more you practice.

Please be aware that opening portals by focusing will not Ascend you by any means. This is only to help you become aware of your higher energy so you can experience so of these energies. You will live all of these energies for all eternity, once your Ascend your Body MInd and Soul. This is the Souls greatest purpose. To ascend to the higher dimensions and graduate to the next level.

To begin learning about how to access all of these chakras in a new, more effective way, or to learn about Ascension, contact me anytime.

Love & Light!


Layla Favel, Energy Intuitive, spiritual guide and healer

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