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How to Find Your True Purpose

Everyone on earth has a purpose, or soul mission. This was agreed to by your soul, and your souls guide in what's called your "pre-birth" planning stage before you incarnated on Earth. When someone wishes to incarnate on this planet, they must give a reason, and specify how they want to contribute positively to this earthly experience, through co-creation. Most have chose to incarnate on Earth because this earth is going through something very special, and many souls want to grow here, whilst contributing to the greater good.

Unfortunately most have forgotten why they have came.

There are systems in this world which tend to put us in "boxes", telling us what we have to do in order to live, not fostering our true creativity and true potential as energetic multidimensional beings. In addition to the subconscious programmable mind, there is a grid of energy that keeps everyone from being connected to their souls and their souls purpose.

This is why its important to find out what our true purpose is again, especially now. The earth is going through many changes and there is a need for people to awaken and so we can find balance in our lives, our souls, our communities, our societies, and our Mother earth.

Tips on how to find your true purpose:

Do what comes natural to you. All humanity was gifted with something special to give to the world. Look at that gift that comes naturally to you. This is yours to offer, and without giving this gift, this may leave you feeling unfulfilled in life. This is what give our lives true meaning.

Do the thing you love doing when you were a child. Why? Because your child mind was directly connected to the heart centre, the creative centre. the centre of your true essence. After the age of 7, it becomes disconnected and you develop the subconscious mind (false mind). This is then pre-programmed with information by society, peers, parents - but not your true self which is

consciousness (true mind).

Do the things that you actually care about. To find out ask yourself these questions. For example, what pain or injustice or unhappiness have you witnessed that you just can't live with? Is there anything that touches you so deeply that it drives you? What energizes you? These are questions that can help us in our soul's path.

Get new perspectives through meditation. If the above have not worked for you, meditate on this subject. Ask your higher selves or higher guides to send you synchronicities or in direct messages to show you the direction you need to be going. These may come in the form of feelings, or numbers, or what are deemed to be "coincidences". There are no such thing as coincidences by the way.

Hope this helps you on your soul's journey!

Love & Light,


Energy Intuitive, spiritual guide, and healer

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