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IMPORTANT! Information about Ascension

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Over the next year or so many tough changes will occur on earth and for her people. These times will challenge the human race but these times are needed. These are messages that I have received channeling my spiritual guides. These messages refer to the change from old earth (Gaia) to new earth (Mother Earths new incarnation). But not all people will experience this new energy and thus will not ascend as there needs to be a number of factors to consider, as I will discuss


What is Ascension and how does it work?

Ascension is something that all life's souls must go through if they wish to experience the best a soul can experience. We all have many lives on many dimensions which we have lived and are living now.

But this time is most important, as it is a time to reunite with our other parts and become one again, not only with our souls, but with Unity Consciousness.

This will be the ultimate experience that every soul will attain. Once this happens, the soul is free to move the higher dimensions where the worlds and universes are infinite and so are the experiences.

How do we do this?

Spiritual Ascension is also about moving to higher dimensions by letting go of the negative aspects of 3rd dimension world so to raise our energy or vibration.

Simply put, this means leaving behind the unnecessary wants and desires of our world to work towards self mastery, healthy high vibration diet and spiritual meditation. When the times comes for our world to Ascend, we want to ready our own vibration so we can go to.

Its often called "The Event", and will be a insurmountable amount of energy that will hit earth and change the vibration of all. If we still are aware of this event, or if we choose to not ascend as we prefer to engage in things such religion, alcohol, and listen to music (all Satanic by the way), this energy will hold us back. We need to start working on our vibration now through self mastery.

To help with this process of self-mastery, an influx of higher energy is constantly seeding into our human bodies to help increase our conscious minds, awakening us, and making us more inclined to more healthy spiritual lifestyle.

You can see how the world has been changing towards this aspect over the last 20 years. This energy will increase the vibration of our energy, and will help us Ascend when it comes times. Which is soon...

If you wish to ascend, this intent must be stated to your inner souls. That's the first step.

Next dedicate your life to this new way soon as much as possible as time is running out. To help, I offer overall energy healing & balancing to get you started. This will clean out all your negative energies and attachments to help with letting some of these things go. Also see my steps below.

For those who only want to continue their existence without ascension, that's your choice and its okay. But this is your soul's true path and you must have faith that this will bring you true fulfilment for all eternity.

What about Religion?

Religion, as discussed in my Path to Ascension manual, is nothing but a tool to control and blind humanity of their true potential. Jesus, who is the embodiment of Christ Consciousness Energy, did give his life to save humanity by spreading the word of how to achieve Ascension. But his words were distorted, and rewritten to mislead the masses to give our true inner strength/energy (and we have an abundance, more than most in this Universe) to other beings who takes our energy for themselves.

If you choose to continue to follow, you must use your discernment. Remember, that we are fighting not only against negative people, but negative principalities who can create these false feelings, false ideas, false beliefs (I dare say). Its is recommended to follow your own intuition when it comes to these things. Your intuition is you truth compass, and if followed, will you lead down your true path.

Tips on how to follow your intuition can be found on the Ascension document on the main menu.

What will happen after “Ascension?”

After our energy increases into a new high vibrating crystalline body, higher mind and soul, it will open the door to the higher dimensions, specifically the 4th, 5th and/ or 6th dimensions (but mostly the 4/5th dimensions) Everyone will also experience more love, more compassion, more peace and more abundance from within and all around them.

The world and her peoples' priorities will change completely. No longer will money, prestige, senseless consumption and harming the environment be the norm. It will be replaced with a more higher conscious society who realize the importance of spiritual connection to nature, to community, to the environment and to the entire Universe.

Why haven't I heard about this?

Since the time of antiquity, leaders from other planets came here with the purpose of using humanity for resources, such as energy. To do this humanity was dropped down in vibration, and DNA was changed to be more accepting of authority. Humans also became more controllable by use of the "Reptilian Brain" and the subconscious (the unconscious mind).

These tools, plus the help of other humans (elites and secret societies) who were promised great wealth and prestige for generations to come, maintained this veil of deceit since early 1800's. This involved centuries of information and truth suppression, which involved many lost lives, and mass fear mongering using psychological tools such as Group think, etc.

Did you know these secret groups created the current Universities, and the school systems in order to keep us in their unfair economic systems, keep us programmed, and mislead us from true information?

They also created the current medical "pharmakeia" systems that patented our ancestors natural ways of healing. This was not only for profit, but keep humanity from optimal health by synthetically recreating medicine that many side effects. Synthetic products are is inherently negative energy and is not good for our health or vibration.

What steps can I take to begin this process?

There are many things you and your family members can do to work towards ascension.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Live a more conscious, loving and accepting life, with a focus on Service to humanity, and Mother Earth.

  • Be thankful and honour your journey always by not comparing yourself to others journey. Everyone is at different levels of awakening and we must not be concerned with anyone else's but ours.

  • Become more spiritually awakened from within. This can be done through meditation practice, I AM mantras, Conscious Imagination, and breathing.

  • Connect to your intuition as they are higher souls trying to reach you. Do this through meditation by monitoring feelings and emotions on certain issues. You will feel warm at the base of your stomach when you are communicating with them. If they disagree with you, you will feel a dense. negative feeling in stomach.

  • Practice letting go of the 3rd dimension wants, desires and fears one at a time or all at once. For example , let go of TV and stop listening to music as both tools to keep us in a state of unconsciousness and unawareness. Its also puts negative energies & ideas in our mind, and body that need to cleared out. This one could be difficult for some, but if you need to ween yourself of it. Do it slowly if need be.

  • Be kind to yourself during this process. Realize this part of letting go of the 3rd dimensional aspects can be difficult as you have lived your entire life this way, and it won't happen overnight.

  • Do not give your attention or support to systems such as the entertainment industry, news systems, political systems, education systems, religious systems, and economic systems. These are inherently corrupt and will not be around much longer.

  • Become more awakened to truths that effect you, your community and world. Be more critical of the information that comes from news agencies, or World organizations or groups (WEF, WHO), political global leaders that hold power and authority. They are all corrupt!

  • Release any negative emotions, memories, beliefs, and sadness. Forgive anyone that has wronged you. Do not hold onto these energies are as these are dense heavy energies and can block your positive energy flows. Best way is write these all negative memories down from childhood until present, then let each one go by saying "I now release ....." or have a clearing completed. (see my services on Balancing & Alignments)

  • Become more positive! Law of attraction states 'like will attract like', and this positive energy is the type of energy that you need most right now.

  • Eat a healthy diet with no meat or animal byproducts as the energy within these are quite negative (most of this negative energy comes from the energy of the animal before they die as they often mistreated). Stay away from sugar and chemically processed foods. Go organic and raw whenever possible. Remember, raw high vibrating foods can help cure disease and illness and increase our vibration.

  • Try to go without medication or ween yourself off of these. Do not get vaccines, they are not what you think.

  • Be of Service to Others (STO) as opposed to Service to Self (STS). Most people do not realize that they have been tricked into 'service to self' way of life, but it is not anyone's fault as they have been tricked.

  • Withdraw support from people who do not serve you positively or only want to keep you asleep. These are ones who live in fear, and want to keep you down with them

  • Open your mind to the idea that you are part of a Universal community of beings that have been around for eons and have been waiting for your evolution for a long time.

  • Realize that if there are issues in your life, they are always only temporary, and meant to send us in a new direction in life and help us learn lessons. Crisis can be seen as good, and usually comes into our life to get us on the right path.

  • Most importantly do not worry and know that everything will be okay, regardless of what you choose, or where you are at. This article is only meant to inform you of what is to come, and to give you an option should you choose this path.

  • Remember life is about learning and no path is good or bad. It just is. This 3rd Dimension was meant to help souls learn lessons, get strength and experience "Duality" of existence, among other things.

  • But most important Trust in your inner strength, and that higher ones are in this fight with us to get us on the right path.

For any questions, feel free to contact me. Also see my booking page to book your healing today!

Love & Light!

Layla Favel

Energy Intuitive, spiritual guide and healer

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