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Our Unlimited Energy Sources & Conscious Imagination

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Our unlimited energy comes from a combination of our Original Soul's energy, Unity Consciousness energy and our Mother Dimension energy. All three lie in the centre of our core and flow throughout our body's by the Chakras and many other energy centres and meridians of the body. This is how our body, mind and soul enters the body, so this is where it starts.

Conventional wisdom has led to us believe that everything is in the head but its not.

This is important to know because if we want to access or manage this energy, then we have to know where it is so we can focus on this source.

This is how we tap into the energies of the body - we focus on the TRUE energy centre location within the body using Conscious Imagination.

Steps to access this energy: Where we put our focus is where we put our energy. So focusing on this area will automatically increases the energy, then we can move this energy throughout our body.

  1. The best way to do this is ALWAYS use our Conscious Imagination or conscious thought (both the same)

  2. So first state we want to use our "Conscious Imagination". If you do not make this clear in your mind, you will only access the unconscious state, which is not what you want here.

  3. Then visualize these energies as one large ray of sun light shining through the core, in the middle of our body, behind your colourful Chakras.

  4. When you focus on this energy it will increase in light intensity - this is how you must consciously imagine it. See it in your mind.

  5. You can then you can then move it up or down through the Chakras, clearing out your Chakras. This will give you a warm feeling up your chest. This is how you know its working.

What is this energy?

To begin we will explore the inner energy source, which is the combination of both our Original Soul's energy and Unity Consciousness energy.

Our soul energy can be described as a "ray" of energy that lies within the greater energy or "oneness" which is Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness has existed for infinity, and all life comes from this energy. It flows within all dimensions, universes, all beings, and all planets. Unity is all life!

Our Original Soul energy started eons ago as 1 soul, then incarnated into many other souls in the higher dimensions. As it incarnated, it started in the highest of dimensions first, then reincarnated until it reached the lower dimensions of 3rd dimension (Earth and this Universe) as You or I.

In addition to our life experiences, the original soul energy carries all the information and life lessons from our previous incarnations life experiences. We just do not remember as a result of energy blockages that have been placed on us long ago.

The other unlimited source comes from the Mother Dimension where the structure of all energy is derived from. To better envision this, see Mother Dimension as holding all energy, dimensions and universes within her hand (or her dimension). Her energy is also the creative force energy where the blueprint of all existence is held. (Akashi Records).

Unfortunately this type of knowledge regarding our unlimited energy sources has not yet gone mainstream. As a result, we have neglected this important aspect of our selves.

As state above, start meditating and using your CONSCIOUS IMAGINATION, and let energy show you the truth or your existence.

If you have questions, feel free to send me and email, and I can answer any question you may have!

Also see my booking page to book your healing today!

Love & Light!

Layla Favel

Energy Intuitive, spiritual guide and healer

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