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The Importance of the Four Minds

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Conventional thought is that we only have one mind, our brain, that controls our entire body. Most are unaware that there are actually four minds that conduct important intelligent, cognitive functions throughout the body, and act in cohesion to regulate major aspects of our human physiology. These minds consist of our brain, heart, stomach and spine, and all four are connected by strong life-force energy which flows via the vagus nerve.

This life-force energy comes from the Sun and enters the core of our bodies, just under our Sacral chakra. Once the energy enters, it works way up through the central chakras, stomach, spine, heart, and brain (through the conscious and subconscious minds), then back down again. Each mind is powered with life-giving energy so that it can preform its important functions. However, if there are dense, negative energies blocking the flow. the life-force energy is unable do its job.

Below are just a few of examples of the various dense energies, and their effects if there are blockages:

  • The Brain - negative thoughts, memories, and feelings (as our body's ability to feel comes from the the brain), can linger and create a realities which reflect these negative energies.

  • The Stomach - energy come from things like like food, chemicals, and negative emotions, and make us irritated, depressed, and emotional.

  • The Heart - negative attachments to people, places or things can block us from feeling apathy, self-expression, and connection.

  • The Spine - lack of connection to our conscious mind can block our true natures, our true thoughts, the ability to gain higher perspectives and understanding, and block our sense of spirituality.

Not only can negative energies in our four minds effect us spiritually and emotionally, they will effect us physically and mentally as well. For example, doctors are finding that those who have damaged connections have social disorders such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression, as well as ailments such as Alzheimer's, and obesity.

So how can we ensure this flow is consistent? The best way is meditation, visualizations and mantras that aim to purify your minds, and foster the energetic flow.

A simple way to do this is to imagine each area (see side picture) and say the following for each mind - "using all my true strength and true energy, I purify my ___ mind" (important: always use your "true" energy) Complete the rest using the same process until all four minds have been purified.

Then imagine a vagus nerve that flows to each, and say the following statement "using all my true strength and true energy, I purify my vagus nerve". All of the energy centres and the vagus nerve will now be cleared out. I recommend doing this in your daily meditation for noticeable results.

For those who want a more in depth understanding of enhancing your energy, see my descriptions of each of my services, or contact me anytime!

Take care my friends!

Love & Light,

Layla Favel

Energy intuitive, spiritual guide & healer

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