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Energy Healing & Balance

Full Body Mind & Soul balance

  • 1 h
  • 33.99 Canadian dollars
  • Online Zoom meet up, email or phone

Service Description

Includes: Innate Balancing, 4 Minds Balance, Chakra and Aura Balance, Male/Female Energy Balancing, Inner Temple (Dense Energy) Clearing, Physical Energy Centre & Meridian Balance, MicroBiome Purification, Blood Pressure Release Innate Energy Balance- This is a balancing of your innate centre, clearing out unnecessary blockages that hinder your ability to focus, be aware, and state your intention clearly - all energies needed to better manage our bodies, mind and realities. 4 Minds Balance - This includes balancing and connecting our brain, heart, stomach and spines' energetic main centres. Each area preforms complex physiological and cognitive functions that require the life source energy to flow in circular motion to each area. For more info on this, see my blog on The Importance of our Four Minds. Chakra and Aura Balancing - This service includes removing the negative subtle energies which we collect in our daily lives. When these are cleared, this will promote positive energy flow from the core to the rest of the body. Inner Temple Balance - This is the dense energy that is stored deep down in our Inner Temples as it were. This clears negative energy such as trauma or negative beliefs, fears that we've developed throughout our lives. Male/Female Energy Balancing - This is not a balancing of hormones, but a balancing of our positive and negative energies. All life needs to have an equal amount of positive and negative energy to thrive. Unfortunately these can become imbalanced, especially in todays world. Physical Energy Centre & Meridian Balance- In addition to our Chakra systems, our bodies have energy centres that flow to all four directions of the body. They can become blocked over the years from various energy from our environment, chemicals, etc, so these should be cleared. Blood Pressure Release- This clears out free radicals/stress/anxiety energy which are prevalent our blood. Also includes pH balance so you feel more "alkaline" in nature. This quick balancing will be felt right away, leaving your body feeling relaxed and harmonious. MicroBiome Balance- This clears out negative signals that result of from chemically treated food & water. These energies start in our mouth and end in our digestive systems, causing issues such a negative thoughts, depression.

Contact Details


lovenlightenergyhealing@gmail. com


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