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Higher Balance & Alignments

Alignment to earth & the universe

  • 1 h
  • 29.99 Canadian dollars
  • Online Zoom meetup, or by email or phone.

Service Description

In addition to internal energy connections of our mind & body, we must establish connection to our higher energies that exist in the planet and universe. This includes aligning with Mother Earth's auras (ionosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, etc.), her core and her Axitonal lines (lay lines). We must also align with the Galaxy's Central sun's (her core), the Planets (her Chakras), and her auras as well. (This is a good example of Mirco/Macro). All of this energy enters our body through portals, such as Chakras and other energy centres in and around our body - we have over 144,000 portals in our body. Lastly I will balance and align clients to their star, and higher energies. See my Blog "Chakras for the New World". Summary of services included: - Torus Field Balancing and Alignment to Mother Earth Chakras, Auras and Energy Grids - Galaxy Balancing & Alignment to her Chakras, Aura's and Planets - Our personal Star and Higher Chakra Balancing & Alignment Benefits of this service includes: - Gaining an higher understanding of what it means to exist in a micro/macro sense. - Feeling higher stronger positive energies that many have lost connection with. - Clearing of these portals so further energies can come through in the future. For more information on this and other questions, please contact me through email, or phone and I will be happy to explain more about this service.

Contact Details


lovenlightenergyhealing@gmail. com


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