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Physical Energy Healing

Energy healing for illness and/or injury

  • 1 h
  • 69.99 Canadian dollars
  • Online Zoom meet up, or email or phone

Service Description

Before our physical matter comes energy! This is where this type of healing starts - at the most fundamental level of existence. The Quantum level. Our physicality is made up of many layers upon layers of energy, until it dense matter. When illness or disease occur, these geometrical forms of negative energy block our natural flow of our energy, causing dis-ease or dis-harmony to our overall wellbeing. To heal at this level, I use a technique called "resonance frequency" where I apply the same type of energy to ailment, canceling it out each time until gone. In addition, I will use a technique called Transmutation. This technique is used to change the energy of the ailment so that its more conducive to the human body - or more positive in nature. This service will include: - 1 hour of Resonance Frequency or Transmutation work - If additional work is needed, another session may be required As will all my sessions, payment is required only after the work is completed and you the client are satisfied. Clients should feel immediate results as this type of work gets right to the root of the problem very quickly. For more information, give me a call or email and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact Details


lovenlightenergyhealing@gmail. com


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